Its been 12 months since our e-book 'influencer tips' launched as a charity fundraiser by “The girls who know how”

Influencer tips to help you fly was put together with the help of 10 current popular influencers and is available for purchase on the label store website and Amazon for just £5.  The guide is full of different tips on what to do if you are thinking of becoming an influencer or, to improve your current platform.

Let’s take a look on how well the girls have increased on social media within the year of the guide being created.

Jehona Dreshaj last year had 154k followers on Instagram (jehonadreshaj_) when she gave us her amazing tips.  She now has 191k followers so Jehona has made an increase, which is always good within a 12 month period.

Next let’s have a look at Aalyah Celia.  So when she gave us her tips, Aaliyah had 354k followers on her Instagram (aaliyahceilia), now she has 389k so she has also made an increase with followers throughout the year

Demi-Rose Dann this Australian influencer had 24.1k last time we checked on her Instagram (demi_dann), now she has 49.6k followers, so she is definitely growing and gaining more people following her journey

Tierney Lawrence a newby to Instagram influencing (tierneylawrence) had 5,907k insta  followers and an 86.1k TikTok following.  A year later and she now has 6,051 on insta and TikTok 100.1k followers.

Ibriz last year had 351k followers on her Instagram (x.iz.x) when she gave us her tips, now she has 367k on Instagram...another increase.

Elz (the witch) Last year on her Instagram (elzthewitch) had 213k followers.  She now has 269k. Her twitter account had 58.9k and now 90.1k.  Her Youtube had 215k jumping to 221k subscribers.

Dabz last year on her Instagram (dbzdutch) had around 567k followers and now she has 586k followers that watch her journey on being an influencer.

Erin Budina on her Instagram (erin_budina) one year ago she had 522k and now has 517k.  On her YouTube last year was 26.7K and now it has increased to 31.9k subscribers that watch her videos and vlogs after becoming mom.

Vanilla Trlla on Instagram (vanillatrilla1) last year had 26.4k, on her TikTok she had 2.9, and her YouTube, 1.09k subscribers.  A year later and that has now changed to 29.5k on Instagram, TikTok 16.4k and lastly on her YouTube she has 1.15k subscribers. She also has another Instagram (the savage vegan) for her vegan food recipes/ideas which has got 772 followers  

Shannon-Bridget on her Instagram (shanbrii) she was on 250k followers, her TikTok on 12.8k and her YouTube 1.08k subscribers. Now Shannon's Instagram remains the same, her TikTok is up to 16.1k and her YouTube is at 1.05k however has no content on the channel.

All the girls are doing well so Influencer Tips is still very relevant.  Well worth £5.

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